My Nightmare

My Nightmare

I am Body Modification Artist, chef, musician, father, and husband. This is my brain vomit...

I drown my sorrows and choke my emotions out. Those bitches deserve to die

I am a huge piece of shit

I have screwed up the only thing I ever cared about. I pushed the love of my life away by being to busy to show her any attention. I did something really horrible last night but I don’t remember what. There is no hope of ever getting her back now and I am sure of that. God I miss her already.


The only thoughts that are constant right now have to do with a knife, a lighter, and my wrist.

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someone come kill me so i dont have to do it myself 

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what doesn’t kill you fucks you up mentally and affects your ability to have stable relationships with other human beings

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n0restfortheweary asked: Well that's why I'm not convinced he was the best one to go to. It did hurt to have done and I know it isn't supposed to. He convinced me it would be fine to go from 18 to 14g ... But overall you are saying oils are okay to do right after a stretch (so long as there is no pain etc). What oil(s) would you suggest? Thanks for the info!


So you went from an 18 to a 14? Yes oils are fine just don’t use tea tree as it can be an irritant. Just make sure before you use anything that isn’t sterile, that there wasn’t any tearing, this would be evident by blood inside of the fistula or even on the jewelry itself, or even scabbing. These can all be signs of tearing and that is no good. It then needs to be treated like a fresh hole instead of a healed piercing. Otherwise you are good to go. I am not saying, by any means, that you shouldn’t follow your piercers advice, but if you weren’t happy with the experience, then you should find a professional who does make you happy.

Edit: I would personally recommend emu oil. Thought I put that in the original post. Sorry.

n0restfortheweary asked: yes! so glad I found a post about you being able to give piercing advice, because I need it. I went and got my ears stretched at a shop (I'm not convinced he was the best to go to after the experience, but its done now). Now his advice was to not use any oils on my ears bc they are not sterile. This makes sense to me, but contradicts most of the advice i've gotten. I would just like to know what you advise for post stretching care. Thanks!


Firstly, how were your ears stretched? I see nothing wrong with oil massages when the fistula(skin tunnel) is healed. As long as there wasn’t any tearing, ripping, or you didn’t have a “blowout”, then it won’t matter. If there was tearing, or even pain, that brings a lot of other questions and issues up. I am a strong advocate of slow stretching. j.c. Potts of Pangea Piercing recommends wearing single flared plugs until they fall out, then switching to double flared, then sizing up to another single flared plug, and repeat. Again, without knowing the exact method used to stretch your ears it’s hard to give a definitive answer, but to summarize, no blood, no pain, no tearing, no problem with tissue massaging using oils.

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